My last article was about the importance of having a why, so I feel like it’s time to tell y’all my story and why I decided to go on this journey with No Bull Fitness. I have been involved in athletics since I was little. Starting with Tee ball, I worked my up through little league baseball, as well as being involved in Upward basketball. I was never the best player on the team or anything even close, but I was having a good time. I got my first taste of actual competitive sports in middle school when I was on the JV football team along with being on the golf team. Again, I was never the best, but I thoroughly enjoyed my time there,  and football gave me my first real taste of what hard physical activity felt like. When I got to high school, I left football and took up cross country and track. Cross country was definitely not my strong suit, but I enjoyed the community, which led me to go out for the track team. I quickly realized that I was a much better sprinter than I was distance runner.

Fast forward four years.  I was never the best runner on the track team, but I learned what it meant to work hard, and I enjoyed it. This influenced my decision to join the Corps of Cadets at Texas A&M and pursue a commission in the Army. I was extremely motivated when I got there, and once I overcame the shock of being yelled at on a daily basis and being made to do countless pushups, I was determined to be one of the best performing cadets in the Corps and in Army ROTC. I joined a special unit that was designed to prepare cadets for Ranger school. I went through without issue, until halfway through my second semester. That’s when trouble started. I pulled my hamstring, and was basically out of the game for the rest of the semester. I went through physical therapy and got healed up, but never really got back to work like I needed to. I went basically the whole summer without working out, with the mindset that I had performed well before, so why wouldn’t I be able to do the same now? Big mistake. I came back completely out of shape, and failed my first physical fitness test. I got my act together and was able to pass the test the next week, but I wasn’t in any special units anymore, and in my mind I was already a good cadet. I didn’t need to work any harder than I had been. By the end of the year, I was meeting the standard, but I was very average. Over the summer, I got into weightlifting big time. I quit running altogether and was just lifting. I got really strong, and could lift more than twice my bodyweight in multiple lift, but I couldn’t run anymore. I really messed myself up doing this, because to this day I still haven’t completely recovered from the psychological toll this ended up taking on me. When I got back to school and was getting ready to take the PFT for the first time, I made myself so nervous that I got physically sick, and got pulled from the test because I could not continue. I got this level of anxiety before every single physical event from that point forward.

Eventually, I pulled myself together and decided I was going to take charge. I signed on with End of Three fitness, which was a life changing experience for me. I learned about balanced programming, and really embraced the community and the training I got there. I was inspired to the point that I went through their coaching certification. Fast forward another year and a half to where we are now. I’ve been following my own programming to this point, and I’ve decided that if I want to give back. Physical fitness got me through a serious bout with depression, and has made me a better, more motivated person. With the serious problem that America has with rampant obesity, I feel that I have to do my part to help. That’s why I created No Bull Fitness. My goal is to help as many people as I can, while becoming a better version of myself. I’m no where near where I want to be, but I’d love for you to join my movement. If you’re interested, head over to and check out what we’ve got to offer, or email me at